Buy a blog package with web hosting for 1 year. It has been observed that blogs are indexed more quickly compared to other types of websites.
Like any other website you will have to provide your domain name details and modify your name servers as specified for the blog to be functional.
This package includes
1. CPanel/ FTP access for web hosting
2. Web hosting , minimum 50 MB Webspace / 500 MB Bandwidth per month
3. Wordpress / Drupal blog
You will able to add, edit content and images to the website, using the online interface
4. Awstats - check the number of visitors to your website/ page views.
5. Free Basic technical support for 1 year
6. 5 backlinks from relevant PR2+ websites on different Class C IPs

CPanel/ FTP access details will be sent by email to your Paypal email id.
Please note that website content should be family friendly and legal. If you exceed the bandwidth or webspace, you will have to upgrade your account. It may take a few weeks for the website to be reindexed.
You will have to provide your domain name details by PM and change your name servers for the website to be functional. The control panel login, website login and name server details will constitute the shipping information. Website content is not included in this package.
Blog package with hosting