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Politics, History, Expertise of the West

In most asian countries, especially India, the best students from top colleges wish to leave the country and immigrate to west, specifically the United States, canada, United kingdom . Though the population of the countries in the western hemisphere is far lower than that of Asia and Africa, these countries like United States, Germany, France, […]

Facial hair, stress, health, appearance

Fruits like peaches are good for health and should be consumed regularly as they provide the nutrients the body requires. While many women are fortunate that they do not have any facial hair at all, some women have a lot of facial hair on their face due to hereditary factors . Stress can increase the […]

Free mobile offers

Listing of all mobile related freebies like – mobile connection – mobile phone – mobile talk time – mobile recharge – mobile software – mobile accessories at Free Mobile now . Please send offers to info@textads.in

Tata, google refuse to end their virtual reality fraud

After wasting tax payer money for 7 years, since 2010, it is increasingly clear that the 10 lazy greedy mediocre google, tata sponsored R&AW/CBI/indian intelligence employees faking a btech 1993 ee degree, are not interested in investing any money at all in domain names, even on a domain costing less than $1, like atv directory. […]

Pen suppliers required

Looking for suppliers, manufacturers, retailers, dealers of quality low cost gel ink and other kinds of pens for review at Pen articles, please send your product details , information , pricing to info@textads.in . The pens should be priced at Rs 5 or lower each, and the ink used should be water proof.

Security agencies intentionally reduce food supplied to their employees, claim fitness

When the videos of the BSF jawan, Tej Bahadur Yadav went viral, complaining about the poor quality of the food provided to the jawans, allegedly because senior officials were stealing the food money, the security agencies came up with a very innovative way of justifying the poor quality of the food of their employees. They […]

Money required for purchasing household goods

When domain investors withdraw cash from their bank account, corrupt security agency employees will hysterically and falsely claim that the cash will pose a security threat when actually cash is required for purchasing household goods like soap and pillows. In small towns , there are few malls or supermarket, a shopper has to visit many […]

Fraud google, tata, NTRO, CBI employees unable to defend their financial fraud openly

Since 2010, the cunning fraud google, tata, ntro, cbi employees are involved in a major financial fraud, making completely fake allegations without any proof at all, against a harmless obc single woman engineer, domain investor, to steal her hard earned money, correspondence, resume, without a court order or legally valid reason. These ntro, cbi, google, […]

Google has changed indexing algorithm

The advantage of registering domain names regularly is that a change in the google indexing or algorithm can be immediately detected. It appears that in february 2017 some newly registered domains, which were partly indexed in google like pictureset have got deindexed, when earlier they would get indexed almost immediately with 3 days. In other […]

Photos cannot describe clothes

Though there is a huge market for fashionable clothes in India , most clothes and fabrics are purchased offline only because pictures and photos can never describe the fabric and clothes, unless the seller is very specific. There are a lot of fabric blends available in the market , and however good the photos may […]

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