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When I register a domain do I have full control of the domain?
Yes, when you pay for a domain, you have full control of the domain. You are free to change the Name Servers any time, sell it to any one or transfer it away to another registrar. If you have registered a domain, you can check ownership by doing a WHOIS lookup

How do I pay for the domains ?
You can make payment by adding funds from your verified Paypal account. The amount will be credited to your account and domains will be registered immediately. Please note that Paypal fees ($0.3 + 3.9%) will be deducted from the amount you add to your account, so it is advisable to deposit a larger amount to reduce fees.
If you have a verified Paypal account and wish to deposit a smaller amount or pay for a single domain, send an email.
Please note that the payment will be made to NK Infobase
Payment through Moneybookers is also accepted

Why is it advisable to add a minimum of $20 to my account?
Since Paypal charges a fixed fee of $0.3 per transaction , the transaction fees will be higher for smaller amounts.
For example, if you add $10 to your account, the transaction fees will be $0.69 or 6.9%.
But, if you add $20 to your account, the transaction fees will be $1.08 or 5.4% and $18.92 will be available for registering domains.
If you have a verified business Paypal account, you can use the Masspay option and save on transaction fees, especially for large amounts as the entire amount will be credited to your account. Send an email for more information on adding funds using MassPay

How soon will the domain be registered?
The domain will be registered immediately after you make payment. You should have sufficient funds in your account

If I add funds to my account, and not use them for registering domains, what happens to my money?
It will remain in your account and be refunded on request. Please specify a reason for the refund request for faster processing. Unused funds will be refunded through Paypal within 24 hours. However if your total receipts are less than 10 USD, and you request a refund, a processing fee of up to 5 USD may be charged

For any other support or payment related issues, please send an email . You will get a response within 12 hours on all days .

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